I started early with learning about computers at the age of about 8 years. My first programming language I used was gwbasic. After a year I played a lot with Quick Basic (QBasic). With 14 I learned C/C++ for my first time and two years later a little bit assembler. At this time I used IDE Visual Studio 6 and MFC (the Microsoft Foundation Classes). It was a funny time and I also wrote with a good friend a kind of a little tetris program and learned a little bit OpenGL.

After my first job (it was at a copy shop) I started into the world of the network administration and today I'm an IT Server- and Systemadministrator. I also program a little bit with C# and JAVA.

My hobbies are playing e-piano, painting and digital photography - but the best things at my life are my two kids and my wife. They must be often very patient with me when I'm troubleshooting a problem at the IT world ;).

I created this homepage as a hobby project to learn a littel bit about HTML5 and CSS. On the other hand I use this time to place here (maybe) some useful information for other persons. Please don't await much information here - it is more a playground for me.

The most importent thing I've learned over the years - don't forget to live your life in this digital world. Nothing can beat the power of taking a healty breath at the owesome nature we have at this planet. Use technology as a tool and don't be the tool of the technology.